Spanish – Español

With subtitles

enchufetv – Skits made by a group of people from Ecuador. One of the most popular YouTube channels in Spanish. //\\ All videos (except making-ofs) have subtitles in English, Spanish (Latin America), French, Italian & Portuguese. Most videos also have Japanese subtitles, and some others have Dutch & German subtitles.

ExpCaseros – Curious experiments you can replicate at home, and survival tips, made by a Spanish couple. //\\ All videos have Spanish subtitles.

TheSurvivorSpanish – Life hacks, experiments and how-to tutorials of simple intriguing objects, made by a Spanish guy. //\\ All videos have Spanish subtitles.

Wismichu – Comedy & challenges with friends, made by a Spanish guy. //\\ All videos have Spanish videos.


Without subtitles

Claudia Ayuso – Funny Spanish girl talking about her life.

Curricé – Spanish musician singing and talking about his life.

El Rincón De Giorgio – Funny Spanish guy with reaction videos, gaming and parodies.

Entrena con Sergio Peinado – Fitness channel with comedy and a Spanish guy.

Experimentar En Casa – You know the videos “most satisfying video ever”? With a Spanish guy.

KOKO DC – Challenges (mostly around soccer) and some gaming, made by a Spanish guy.

LAURY WHAT – Curiosities objects and life hacks. With a Spanish girl.

Luan Palomera – Lists. With a Mexican guy.

Luisito Comunica – Mexican travel vlogger. One of the fastest growing channels on YouTube (as of July of 2017).

NuryJimenez – Beauty & fashion, by a Mexican girl.

RoEnLaRed – Comedy skits and cooking videos, made by a Spanish girl.

Ruti Beauty&Vlogs – Vlogs of a mexican girl living in Japon with her husband and kids.

Sheryl Rubio – Vlogging, beauty & fashion, by a Venezuelan girl living in Mexico.

YosStoP – Comedy skits, made by a Mexican girl.

ZarcortGame – Spanish rapper. Rap battles between fictional characters, and some gaming videos.

¡Que el papeo te acompañe! – Spanish cooking show with recipes from famous movies and tv shows.