With subtitles

DamonAndJo – Travel youtubers. They make videos in English, Brazilian Portuguese and French. //\\ Most of their videos have English subtitles. Some of their videos also have French & Portuguese subtitles, but it’s pretty random.

Easy Languages – Street interviews with subtitles. For each language a native goes in the street of his/her country to interview other natives. This channel has a lot of languages! //\\ All videos have subtitles in English and the target language.


Without subtitles

Disney songs – I found out that Disney songs are a great resource to start learning a foreign language. Think about it, you already know the rhythm and the tune, so you only have to focus on the lyrics. If you want to find Disney songs in your target language, just go to Youtube and look for “Disney songs [insert name of country here]”. You should find plenty of songs if you try with the language instead of the country, but using the country is necessary for some languages (e.g., Portuguese –> Portugal/Brazil).