Italian – Italiano

With subtitles

iPantellas – Comedy skits, made by two Italian guys. Two recurrent characters are a grandma and a fictional angry mother Mamma Satana. //\\ Some videos have Italian elves.

Learn Italian with Italiano Automatico – Language learning, Italian culture and personal development. This is the exception to the rule, this channel is made for Italian learners. But you will discover much more because Alberto doesn’t focus on grammar and vocabulary. He talks mostly about Italy and personal development, and all of this in Italian. You can learn more about Alberto in this post. //\\ Most videos have subtitles in English & Italian.

theShow – Social experiments, pranks & interviews in public places. //\\ Some videos have Italian subtitles.


Without subtitles

Awed ™ – Reaction videos.

Ehi Leus – Italian girl talking about her life. She also makes covers.

ilvostrocaroDexter – Gaming videos, mostly Fifa. Also some reaction videos.

LaSabriGamer – Gaming videos and vlogs with an Italian girl.

Matt & Bise – Comedy skits with two Italian guys. Also challenges, reaction videos and vlogs.

Me contro Te – Videos made by an Italian couple. Challenges, experiments and vlogs.

Sivi Show – Pop culture parodies, pranks and challenges, made by a 15-year-old Italian girl.

TheFrenchmole – Comedy skits made by a group of Italian people.

Tyler Strikes – Pranks with Whatsapp, or in public places.