German YouTube


Authentic German Learning – Videos à la Alberto from Italiano Automatico. Ideal for very beginners. – He has videos with English & German subtitles.

datteltäter – Skits making fun of stereotypes. – All videos have German subtitles.

Julien Bam – Male dancer and rapper makes parody songs. – All videos have English & German subtitles, and some videos have other subtitles.

Simon Will – Male vlogger. – All videos have German subtitles.


No subtitles

BibisBeautyPalace – Female vlogger.

BULLSHIT TV – Tinder fails.

iBlali – Male vlogger.

Joyce – Girl makes comedy skits.

Kelly MissesVlog – Female vlogger.

Simon Desue – A guy who makes daily vlogs.

tomatolix – Male guinea pig. He does 1-week or 24-hour challenges.