French YouTube


Axolot – Strange stories and curious facts about the Earth, cities, buildings, people, … – All videos have English & French subtitles, and sometimes other languages.

Cyprien – Comedy skits. Cyprien is one of the most popular French YouTubers. – All videos have English & French subtitles, and most videos have several other languages.

Joueur Du Grenier – Gaming & comedy. Le joueur du grenier means the attic player. Meaning he plays old video games. – All videos have English & French subtitles.

Natoo – Comedy skits. – All videos have English & French subtitles.

NORMAN FAIT DES VIDEOS – Comedy skits. Norman is one of the first French youtubers. He used to make videos with Hugo (from Hugo Tout Seul and Le Woop, two other French channels). He has a live show and performed in various cities of France. – All videos have English & French subtitles, and sometimes other languages.

Squeezie – Vlogs and playing online games. Also challenges and skits.- All videos have English & French subtitles.

Topito – Lists. – All videos have French subtitles.


No subtitles

Poissond Fécond – Instructive videos with comedy.

Sissy MUA – Fitness girl.

Sofyan – French dubbing of famous American movies.

Tibo InShape – Fitness & fun – Daaamn!


Mini TV shows

These YouTube channels aren’t made by youtubers per se. These are the episodes of short tv shows broadcasted on the French channel Canal+.

Bloqués – Two guys spend their time on their couch doing nothing and talking about life and random things. They use a lot of slang and it’s not too fast when they talk. The two actors are Orelsan and Gringe, two rappers from Normandy (I recommend their music too). They also made a movie « Comment c’est loin » shot in Caen, Normandy.

bref. – This is the life of a Mr. Nobody in France. Or a Mr. Everybody: The main character goes through life as a normal person. You’ll see him eating pasta, playing video games and dating. All of this while sharing his thoughts in a funny way. There are a lot of references to French pop culture. Each episode has a fast pace and doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes. “Bref” means “brief” in French. It’s also used as “anyways” between two phrases. That’s why every episode begins and ends with the word “bref” and is very short. Disclaimer: this YouTube account isn’t official, that’s why you won’t find all the episodes and why the videos may disappear some day!

Les Tutos – Absurd and hilarious tutorials. Very energetic character who speaks really fast. At the end of each video, Camille says a few random words before ending with « j’vous aime putain » (meaning « I love you, fuck »). – All videos have English & French subtitles.

Serge le Mytho – The story of a guy who tells stories. The main character is Serge le mytho from the series Bloqués, where he was a recurrent character. In Bloqués, the character of Serge is hilarious! He keeps sharing incredible stories about his life. But “mytho” means he’s lying a lot! These videos are for very advanced learners only because Serge uses a lot of verlan, even with words we don’t usually use verlan with (verlan = phenomenon in spoken French where we change the order of syllables in words, for example “louche” (fishy, shady) can become “chelou”). So good luck to understand him! Random fact: The actor of Serge is also a recurrent character of bref. And he’s also in the popular French tv show Hero Corp.

What The Fuck France – French habits and costumes seen by a British guy living in Paris. Hilarious and accurate! The videos are mostly in English (with French subtitles) with some sentences or words in French. This channel won’t teach you much French since it’s in English, but you’ll learn a lot about some weird French stereotypes.