Finnish YouTube


CokeTV Suomi – Two youtubers and two singers face challenges and answer YouTube comments. – Old videos have Finnish subtitles.

Finnished – Videos à la Alberto from Italiano Automatico. Perfect for beginners: The Finnish girl speaks slowly. – All videos have English & Finnish videos.


No subtitles

Aiellot S&S – Two sisters documenting their fitness journey.

Arttu Lindeman – A guy who likes ice hockey.

Deata – A guy who does challenges and lifehacks.

eeddplays – Guy from eeddspeaks gaming.

eeddspeaks – Guy from eeddplays vlogging.

FromTheBushes – Three friends vlogging.

Herbailua – Male vlogger.

jennysvoices – Funny girl with weird voices.

Justimusfilms – Funny skits.

LaeppaVika – Guy gaming.

Lakko – Gamer.

mansikkka – Orange-hair girl.

mariieveronica – Female vlogger.

MILLI&ABE – Finnish couple and their kids.

MrJallu101 – Fifa gamer.

ProductionTeamMnM – Guy & bodybuilding.

Splay Suomi – Collaborative channel made by several youtubers.

Ulttis – Gamer.

Vinkare – Male vlogger.


More videos

Finnish Disney songs with Finnish and English subtitles.

Iholla on MTV Katsomo – A vlog show with three girls that you can watch online.

Sara goes LA with MTVSuomi on YouTube – Features YouTuber SAARA on her trip to LA after becoming a viral sensation. – All videos have English subtitles.



Biohakkerin Podcast – Health & fitness by so-called biohackers. Some episodes are in Finnish and others in English. They also have a blog.


Radio – Suomipop (only music), Yle Puhe (talking, no music), Iskelmä (traditional music).