With subtitles

Binging with Babish – Cooking show with recipes from tv shows and movies. //\\ Some English subtitles.

h3h3Productions – Comedy and news about viral videos and other influencers. //\\ All videos have subtitles in English & 6 or 7 other languages.

Hobo Ahle – 20-something-year-old girl living in a car and traveling. //\\ Recent videos appear to have English subtitles now (as of July 2017).

Jake Paul – Daily vlogs of an ex-Viner in Los Angeles. Prank wars & daily life as an entertainer. One of the fastest growing channels at the moment (as of July 2017). Brother of Logan Paul. //\\ All videos have English subtitles.

Logan Paul Vlogs – Daily vlogs of an ex-Viner in Los Angeles. Very energetic guy. Prank wars, songs & puppy. One of the fastest growing channels at the moment (as of July 2017). Brother of Jake Paul. //\\ All videos have English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Philip DeFranco – Daily show about the news and pop culture. Philip delivers unbiased news before giving his own point of view. //\\ All videos have English subtitles.

RiceGum – Lit diss tracks. Also vlogs and reaction videos with absurd comedy. //\\ All videos have English subtitles, and sometimes other languages.

videogamedunkey – Gaming videos with funny comments. //\\ All videos have English and Russian subtitles, and many other languages.

||Superwoman|| – Comedy skits made by an Indian girl. //\\ All videos have English subtitles.


Without subtitles

AwakenWithJP – Satirical and serious videos about how to live a more thoughtful life.

CaseyNeistat – Vlogger living in New York City. Amazing storyteller. Casey makes videos with high-quality footages of NYC.

Dylan Magaster – Short documentaries on people who have decided to make a change and create the life they want to live with tiny houses, vanlife, off grid living and traveling.

fouseyTUBE – Pranks, social experiments & comedy skits about middle eastern families. Also, project butterfly’s channel where a group of people travel the world to challenge themselves and help homeless people and people in need.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur. Videos about his life as CEO of a social marketing agency, live Q&A where he answers questions about entrepreneurship and short motivational clips.

Inanna Sarkis – Short films and comedy videos.

Lewis Howes – Great interviewer. Lewis sits down and talks with various successful people around the world.

Liza Koshy – Comedy skits in stores or about everyday life situations. Very energetic girl. One of the fastest growing channels at the moment (as of July 2017).

SuperwomanVlogs – Daily vlogs to follow the hustle of Lilly Singh (||Superwoman||).

Tom Bilyeu – Interview show aiming at teaching anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success.

xoJahtna – Beauty, DIY and life hacks.