Brazilian Portuguese YouTube


DamonAndJo – Brazilian girl and American guy making travel videos in English, Brazilian Portuguese and French. Funny and compelling duo. – All videos have English subtitles, and some videos have Brazilian Portuguese, or French, or Spanish subtitles as well.


No subtitles

5inco minutos – Skits and funny rants. Not a resource for beginners, the pace is very fast.

Bianca Anchieta – Brazilian Instagram model. Japa’s girlfriend.

Camila Loures – Brazilian girl making challenge videos with her friends.

Coisa de Nerd – Video games, technology and science.

Dani Russo Tv – Funny vlogs. Very energetic girl, in love with Brazilian funk.

Japa – Challenges, pranks & vlogs.

MasterChef Brasil – Cooking show. Contestants must cook sophisticated recipes in record time. It’s visual: you can see the faces of the candidates and jury that translate their emotions. You get to learn food vocabulary and frequent words (obrigado, então). You also get exposed to different accents.

Observatório Potter – Curiosities about the Harry Potter series.

Rafinha Bastos – Rants, skits and interviews.

Space Goofs – The old cartoon Space Goofs dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

Viih Tube – Challenges, beauty & DIY, and vlogs.