YouTube Resources

I like learning (and maintaining) a foreign language with YouTube. And when I learn, I want to do it with natural resources, videos made by natives and not language learning channels. I want to discover the pop culture of my target language while learning. I want to assimilate grammar and vocabulary naturally by listening and repeating, without memorizing endless lists of rules and words. I want to expose myself to my target language and absorb it little by little with videos I enjoy watching.

You can easily find language learning channels on Youtube. Type something like “learn [insert target language here]” and you’ll find dozens or even hundreds of videos made for people who want to learn this target language.

It’s more difficult when it comes to content watched by natives. And it’s very frustrating when you can’t find anything you like.

That’s why in this section I want to share with you the resources I found. I hope this section will help you take your language learning journey to the next level.



For each language, you’re going to find a list of YouTube channels. If you click on the name, you’ll directly go to their page. Next to their name, you’ll find a brief description of the content you can expect. There are just too many resources so I don’t have time to elaborate and write a specific description for each one of the channels.

I divided each language’s page in two sections: Subtitles and no subtitles. For the subtitles section, I added a sentence after the youtuber’s description to indicate the frequency and the kind of subtitles the channel has. Frequency = how many videos have subtitles? All, most, some or only a few of them? Kind = what languages are the subtitles in? English, your target language, other languages?

These features can vary over time. So if you notice something wrong, or you want to make a description more accurate, feel free to contact me, and I’ll update it.


Where to begin?

If you don’t know where to start, you can try my personal favorites:

Brazilian Portuguese: Dani Russo Tv.

English: RiceGum, Gary Vaynerchuk, Liza Koshy.

French: Bloqués, bref., Les Tutos, Serge le Mytho, What The Fuck France.

Italian: iPantellas, Learn Italian with Italiano Automatico, theShow, Tyler Strikes.

Spanish: Wismichu, ZarcortGame.


More channels & languages

Most popular youtubers on – You can find the top 100 youtubers in different countries. This link will get you to the top Brazilian youtubers, and on the left you can change the country.

Recommended & Featured – Once you find a youtuber you like, you can get similar channels if you go to the youtuber’s homepage and look on the right. There are two sections: The first one has other channels recommended by this youtuber, and the second section has similar channels recommended by Youtube.



** Feel free to send me your favorite resources, whatever the language. I’ll also add more languages. **