What Gary Vaynerchuk can teach you about language learning

Learning a new language is always a challenge. Even when you have already learned languages before.

Sometimes you want to try a new method. But this method doesn’t fit you and it’s not working. You lacked self-awareness…

Sometimes you want to learn a new language fast. Too fast. And you’re frustrated with your results one week, two weeks after starting. You lacked patience…

Sometimes you’re not persistent. You feel you’ve done enough. Even though somewhere deep down you know you ought to do a little more. You didn’t hustle…


Sometimes the answer lies where we expect it the least. We look at polyglots and hyperpolyglots for answers. We look at these people because “hey they’ve learned so many languages, so they have the answer to my problems for sure!!” Of course by studying the pros you will improve your game and you can eventually become a master. But there are things we don’t always see. We have to keep in mind that everyone is different. And while famous polyglots implement certain techniques, it may not work for other people. Due to our personalities. Due to our environment. Due to the differences between languages. Due to the weather! I don’t know, it may be due to a lot of different things!! That’s why when we’re stuck we also have to look at other achievers.


So today I want to introduce Gary Vaynerchuk. This man has an insane work ethic. And I want to talk about a few things he’s always preaching.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur. He produces a huge amount of content on the social networks. Especially on his YouTube channel where his videos inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and hustlers.

He’s a businessman. But he doesn’t learn languages. And now you’re thinking: “Huh? So why are you talking about him and language learning??” Well, while he doesn’t learn languages, the principles he uses in his everyday life can be applied to create your learning routines.



Gary is always preaching self-awareness. His thing is entrepreneurship and building businesses. And for him there’s no magic recipe. There’s a million ways to win at the game of entrepreneurship. You have to find your own way. You have to find what makes you happy. What gets you excited. What keeps you awake at night.

For him there’s no point in copying what other successful people do if you don’t like it. As he says: “Do you!”


How to apply it to language learning:

There are tons of different methods, books, apps you can buy to help you learning a new language. But don’t choose one because it says you’re going to succeed! Choose one because you like it. Because you like the way it’s helping you. Because you like the method.

Know yourself. Do you prefer to learn with books? With music? With videos? There are different ways to learn a new language. Some are better than others. But none will be best for you than the one you truly enjoy!



Gary often talks about the young entrepreneurs who are so hungry. They want it all now. But they need to be patient. Put in the work. And don’t complain if they don’t see results immediately. It takes time to build a business.

He shares his own story as an example. At the age of 30, he started to make videos on the internet about wine. He put in a huge amount of work for months. In fact, it took him 18 months before being noticed. But he worked no matter what. Because he knew it would pay off on the long term.


How to apply it to language learning:

When you begin learning a new language, you’re so excited. You’re starting something new. You’re discovering a new language and a new culture. You browse your new book or your new app. You can’t wait to go through all the different lessons.

And then, one week, two weeks, one month later. You’ve lost your appetite. You’re tired of the same old routine. You don’t see the results. You’re still unable to understand when natives say “hello” in your target language!

That’s alright! Because learning a language doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be patient. Be patient and you’ll have amazing results. Of course you’ll have to put in the work! Hours and hours to reach fluently. But be patient and you won’t regret it!



This one goes with Patience. In order for Patience to be efficient, you need to put in the hours. In his videos, Gary talks about so-called or aspiring entrepreneurs who can’t stop complaining. His answer is simply “are you hustling? are you REALLY hustling?”


How to apply it to language learning:

Simply said: You have to put in the hours. You have to learn. It’s ok to look for the best materials, the best techniques, the best hacks. But stop spending so much time doing that! And start really learning, studying and speaking your target language!


“The Clouds and the Dirt”

The Dirt: The hours you put in. The hours when the results of your work are not clear. This is when you’re studying your flashcards. When you’re watching videos. Trying to understand how the grammar works. Writing notes and new vocabulary. Having this awkward first conversations where you have trouble making one basic phrase.

The Clouds: Your philosophy, what you believe in, what you want to achieve. Why are you spending so many hours learning a new language? What does it bring you? Why are you passionate about your target language?


Gary Vaynerchuk is for sure an incredible character. There’s so much to learn from him. And as we just saw, the principles he talks about (and applies to himself) can be used in many areas of our life.



Blog post on Gary’s blog

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