Speaking Brazilian Portuguese after one month – Video

Yesterday I filmed myself speaking Brazilian Portuguese. I started learning a month ago. I’m not proud of how much I’ve learned so far. But I’m not ashamed either 🙂 Let me explain.

I started very slow. The first week, I spent more time watching South Park (in English) rather than learning Portuguese. Then this last week, I started watching Masterchef Brasil and it made a huge difference. Most Brazilian youtubers speak too fast for me to understand them clearly right now. Sometimes I have a good grasp of what they talk about but the successful youtubers usually speak fast and it’s not easy to get every nuance.

Then I thought about Masterchef Brasil (I watched a season of Masterchef Italia when I was learning Italian last year). I found the videos for free in good quality on Youtube. Why is it so interesting to learn Portuguese? Here’s why:

  • Food porn: I love food. And I like cooking. So we can already see why I enjoy watching such a show 🙂 Seriously though, if you want to learn food vocabulary, I haven’t found a better resource than Masterchef (it was my first motivation when I started watching Masterchef Italia).
  • Connectors: A lot of small words or connectors are repeated throughout each episode (então, tá, …). It’s a great way to get exposed to these useful words. I feel like knowing this kind of words make a great difference when speaking with a native: when you speak and use these words, you can convey your ideas more naturally.
  • Emotions: The judges often ask the candidates about how they feel. This way you learn words and sentences about feelings and emotions. Sometimes there are even small pauses after the questions or answers, so you get time to link the words and sentences to the faces of the candidates and interpret their emotions.
  • Speed: The judges and candidates speak fast but it’s still slower than most youtubers (maybe due to the tv format).

Here’s the video of me speaking Portuguese:

Thank you for reading this post. I would love to hear your thoughts about this kind of learning and how you would improve it.

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