Click on YouTube or Netflix next to each language to see a list of YouTube channels and Netflix shows and movies in this language.

The YouTube channels are divided in two sections: Subtitles and no subtitles. In the first section, you’ll find channels where most videos have subtitles. In the second section, some videos might have subtitles but most of them don’t.

Each channel might change over time. If you notice something wrong, or you have a more accurate description, feel free to contact me, and I’ll update it.

Also, Netflix has a different catalog in each country. So the shows you see here might not appear in your home country.

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More channels & languages

Most popular youtubers on – You can find the top 100 youtubers in different countries. This link will get you to the top Brazilian youtubers, and on the left you can change the country.

Recommended & Featured – Once you find a youtuber you like, you can get similar channels if you go to the youtuber’s homepage and look on the right. There are two sections: The first one has other channels recommended by this youtuber, and the second section has similar channels recommended by Youtube.

I also wrote a blog post where I show you how to find YouTube channels in any language.


** Feel free to send me your favorite resources, whatever the language. I’ll also add more languages. **