Own your craft – Slight accent vs heavy accent

Learning a language is not about writing and reading. It’s not even about speaking and listening. Sure, all these skills matter. But learning a language is about communicating. Learning a foreign language is about connecting with different people. It’s about discovering foreign cultures. No one cares whether you are fluent in subjunctive.

Your goal is NOT perfection. Your goal is NOT to become a grammar jedi. Your goal is NOT to know every word of the dictionary.

Your goal is communication.

Perfection is a stupid word. It’s useless. It shouldn’t even exist. This word doesn’t make sense at all. Nothing is flawless. Everything is flawed. The truth is: It all depends on one’s point of view. You might love the Mona Lisa and find it perfect, while your neighbor will argue that Leo should have painted the model blond. And it doesn’t matter! At the end of the day, no one really cares.

So don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the process. Enjoy your progress, even when you only make baby steps.

It’s more authentic (and sexier) if you own your craft, if you have your own signature accent. Nobody cares whether you sound like a native, as long as you can make yourself understood.


When you pay no attention to pronunciation, you end up with a heavy accent. Your mother tongue greatly influences you, and you build up bad habits with your new language.

A heavy accent prevents you from communicating fluidly. A slight accent means your pronunciation is not perfect, but you have no problem to communicate.

You have to pay attention to your target language’s pronunciation to reduce your accent. Make sure you know which sounds are new to you. Focus on them. Again: It doesn’t matter if you don’t master them perfectly. People will appreciate if you just make an effort. It shows that you care. And that’s how you get a slight accent instead of a heavy accent.


F*ck perfection.

Love communication.

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