On diets (paleo, veganism, …)

I love reading. Last year I read 60+ books after starting the reading challenge on goodreads with my sister. And that’s when I started my quest for a solution.

See, I’ve been living my whole life with bad allergies. I’m always sneezing, and I always need to blow my nose. Every f**king day.

I started my quest with Djokovic’s book and his gluten-free diet. Before reading it, I thought gluten intolerance was a rare condition. But that’s when I realized what a great impact food have on our health. I had thought about it before, but I never seemed to pay too much attention to it. I spent most of my life thinking:

“it doesn’t matter if you eat shit or too much, as long as you play sports and train hard.” In other words, I thought it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a proper diet, as long as you burnt all those extra calories.

I wasn’t fat per se but a little overweight, and I didn’t have a great stamina. Then I went gluten-free for two months and lost 13kgs (~28lbs). And I knew sports had nothing to do with it since I got a thigh strain right before the first month.

So I kept reading and trying different diets (diet as in “a particular selection of foods“, and not as in “I’m on a diet, starving myself”). Paleo, vegan, slow-carb diet, warrior diet, … you name it! I had ups and downs, and to this day I’m still looking for the best diet for ME.

My belief is that there’s no perfect diet, no one-size-fits-all diet. We are all human beings, but we all have a different DNA, a different metabolism. Maybe eating 1kg of beef a day is great for you. But maybe it’s just poison for your neighbor.

I read great books Yet they all seem to ignore this simple concept. And they all show you the perfect universal diet instead.

The only person I found online sharing my point of view is Dr Rangan Chatterjee. He has a great TedTalk on this topic that you can watch here.


What are your thoughts on the subject?


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