Learning Brazilian Portuguese: clear the list – April 2017

Review for March

  • I started posting regularly on Instagram, but then I stopped because I felt like it was forced and wasn’t that interesting. I won’t try to post regularly in April, we’ll see in the future if I can come up with something interesting to do on Insta.
  • I joined Clear the List 🙂
  • I only went through the first unit of the Mimic Method due to some technical problems with the comments of Soundcloud that disappeared! But I did their Nasal Bootcamp for a week to train my ability to switch on and off the nasal vowels. Unless we can come up with a solution regarding Soundcloud, I don’t think I’ll keep doing the Mimic Method.
  • I did mimic some basic videos of Easy Languages 🙂


I also did some other things that I hadn’t included in my post:


Goals for April

  • My goal is to learn Portuguese without using any sort of translation. BUT I noticed that I would go way faster at the beginning if I allowed myself only some translated sentences at the very beginning. So I’m going to translate some key phrases (with modal verbs and frequent words) on Google translate without focusing on their spelling but only the pronunciation.
  • I also noticed that I need to give myself some short term goals to see where I’m going and to keep me motivated. So I want to make a video every two weeks (next week 4, week 6 and week 8) where I only speak Portuguese. I can talk about anything: my life, how I’m learning Portuguese, the news, …
  • Another goal I want to set for myself: Learn the Brazilian song “Saber quem sou” from the Disney movie Moana.
  • Each day, I have to talk to myself in Portuguese for a few minutes to practice and start thinking in Portuguese. I’ll use my translated sentences at the beginning, and then I’ll build vocabulary watching Youtube videos. I’ll use the Disney songs to practice the pronunciation.


See you next month!


Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel Pretot of French Lover, and Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency

21 thoughts on “Learning Brazilian Portuguese: clear the list – April 2017”

  1. Hi! That is really fascinating, learning totally without translation!
    I always love seeing people’s language learning progress videos, they are really inspirational. Are you going to post them on your blog?
    Good luck for your language learning in April 🙂

    1. Hey Tiia, yes I will 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll post them separately or only with the Clear-the-list posts but they’ll be on the blog for sure. I love to see the progress through the videos too, it’s really interesting. Plus it motivates me to learn more!
      Thanks and good luck to you too!

  2. Hello!
    I really like how you structured your studies, I think I’ll steal some ideas, like learning a song in my target language. Such a fun way to memorise vocabulary and grammar! And one day I’ll have the confidence to make a video… I hope!
    All the best for your studies these month!

    1. thank you Elena. I have to say I’m camera-shy, so yes you have the confidence to make a video 🙂 it’s not easy at first, and I don’t like seeing myself in the video, but it’s worth it to see your progress! I’m trying to push myself to do it more.

  3. I’d definitely also use some translations in the early beginnings of a new language, but later, of course the more you can do in the target language the better. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Akita! Yay! I hope joining Clear The List helped you to keep going all month with your goals? 🙂 I love your goal of bringing in Disney songs. Great idea!

    1. Hey Lindsay, yes it certainly keeps me accountable. And I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the support of the group. Thank you for creating Clear the List!

  5. Off topic: I enjoyed reading your “About me” page. And it is interesting that you are following influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck and relate their messages to learning languages. I’m usually feeling motivated to learn more things (like languages) when I listen to them.


    Now, something about this post.
    I like your approach. You’re looking for funny ways to improve your Portuguese. I hope you can get the most out of this month and beat your shyness to film yourself speaking on Instagram!

    1. Gary Vaynerchuk is awesome. I decided to create this blog and share my experiences after reading his first book “Crush it”.

      thanks! yeah I’m always looking for ways to improve and tweak my method to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible. For example, I wanted to throw in Google translate to start with basic phrases and practice with it but I’m not enjoying it at all. So I won’t use it anymore and I’m going to look for something to replace it.

      1. Hi Kamila and Akita 🙂

        +1 to what Kamila says, it’s awesome that you relate what Gary Vaynerchuck says to language learning. I love this kind of lateral thinking and connecting what we know from other fields into language learning (or any field apparently unrelated to the orginal one).

        Keep it up!

  6. Great goals for this month. Thanks for joining us! I just watched Moana for the first time, it’s a great movie and lovely songs in the classic Disney style!

    1. Thank you for creating Clear the List 😉 I have to watch it then!! Never seen it, I just know the song (how far I’ll go) and it’s a catchy song in Brazilian Portuguese (and English too)

  7. Oi Akita 🙂

    Bemvenido no #clearthelist 🙂
    Estou encantado ver que aprendes o português du Brazil. Tambem começi com o português do Brasil a muitos anhos, agora tentou conservar o meu nivel.
    A pesar disso, desculpe os errores, o meu portugues esta pior e pior. 😉

    Se você conheçe outros canais de Youtube em português, por favor escreve sobre eles. Nao é facil encontrar canais boes sem conhecer.

    Muita sorte nese mes!
    Até logo 🙂

    1. Obrigado Angel. Your portuguese seems good 😉 I’m writing a page where I’m going to put all the Youtube resources I’m using to learn languages. I know how frustrating it is to look for this kind of resources, so I wanted to share them.

      1. Thanks 🙂 it’s going to be really helpful. I curate a list of French Youtube channels on my blog, just for this reason. I don’t want my students to have the same problem as I have ^^ It takes a lot of time to find them and curate them, so I can’t do it for other languages unfortunately. I wish someone would do it for each language 🙂

        1. I just wrote the page, it’s in the menu bar. I only put the channels that I follow but I found many more. I’m going to think of a way to organize them as well. I’m also going to take a look at your list 🙂 I’m not good at Youtube France!!

          1. I just had a look – it’s an awesome page you’ve put together. It will be of great help for both Portuguese and Spanish for me. 🙂
            – related question: do you have twitter? I have been sharing some of your content but I couldn’t find your handle.
            Or, do you have a facebook page (couldn’t find it either)

            btw my French youtube list is here: https://frenchlover.org/blog/learn-french-youtube
            I also send an update with a new channel to my email list every week (typically on Thursday) – in case you’re interested 😉

            Keep up the good work 🙂

            1. cool idea, I didn’t know what to do with all the channels I found but don’t use. I can send them via a newsletter, I might steal your idea, thanks 😉
              I added social icons at the end of the page. I have to make the blog a little more “professional”, these last few days have been hectic but I’m on it.
              I also have a list of 100+ French youtube channels, I’ll send it to you, I guess you can use some for your e-mail list

              1. Thanks 🙂 Happy to provide useful ideas. They’re meant to be shared 🙂
                – ah hectic blogs looking half finished. Been there, done that. – wait, I’m still there and I’m still doing that 😉
                might be why I’m replying to this comment 7 days late.
                I’m going to reply to your email now 🙂

                Keep up the good work!

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