How to learn Italian online for free

Learning a new language can be tough.

Learning a new language can be expensive.

Learning a new language can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re just getting started. You see all these resources, all these apps and you don’t know where to begin.


Once upon a time there was a guy. An Italian guy from Brescia. His name was (and still is) Alberto.

Back in 2013, he created “Italiano Automatico”. His mission was: “To make learning Italian SIMPLE, feel NATURAL, and be as INTERESTING as possible! To combine learning Italian with the learning of new things that can improve your lives! To offer COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT that not only helps learning the language but also improves the life of thousands of people who are learning this beautiful language!” (source: his blog

Wow! Here is an awesome and ambitious project!

Alberto is a big believer in intensive listening. Intensive and immersive listening. You have to immerse yourself in order to learn the language. “Immerse yourself” doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive plane ticket to go to a foreign country. No, you can simply do it by relaxing on your couch with your computer. There’s this thing called YouTube. There’s a bunch of videos over there. But it’s not easy to find language learning-friendly material! When you start learning a new language, normal speaking rate is too fast. So you’ll probably need subtitles at the beginning. The thing is most popular channels in your target language won’t have subtitles.

Italiano Automatico provides just that. Videos in Italian, normal speaking rate. With subtitles. In Italian and English! And it’s all free on YouTube. Alberto provides an interesting method with videos about Italian culture. You’ll learn about self-development, Italian cities, language learning and Italian idioms.

For months, Alberto made one video a day. In Italian, with English and Italian subtitles. Meaning more than 300 videos to learn more about Italy and Italian everyday.. You’ll hear him talking about Italy. You’ll see footages of the most beautiful cities in Italy. And you’ll laugh with la nonna! (Italian for grandmother)

If he was in an encyclopedia, this would be his definition:

Alberto Arrighini: personification of Consistency and Work Ethic.

Alberto is not just saying. He’s doing. Big time! He’s not only preaching intensive learning, he’s doing it himself to learn new languages. This is what I prefer about him. He’s not selling something. Instead he shows the world how to learn by doing it himself. He can now speak 7 languages. And is still learning more languages!


There’s so much more to say about Alberto. But if you’re curious I’ll let you discover him by yourself. You can find his YouTube channel here and his blog here.

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