How to find songs to absorb a foreign language

I love singing!

Not that I’m a good singer or anything. It just puts me in a good mood.

That’s one of the reasons why I crafted my language learning method around music.

In this article, I tell you exactly how to find songs in a foreign language.


The translator

  1. Go to Lyrics Translate.
  2. Click on Artists (upper left).
  3. Select your target language in Language. You can also choose a country. It can be useful if you’re learning Spanish and you want to focus on an Argentinean accent, for example.
  4. Select your favorite genre in Genre. Or leave it blank if you’re curious.
  5. Click on Search.
  6. You get a list of different artists singing in your target language. When you click on a name, you can see a list of his/her songs whose lyrics are available on the website. They also mention if there’s a translation.


The charter

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Choose a country where people speak your target language. For example: Greece.
  3. Search for top charts [country]. So here: top charts greece.
  4. The first few links will show you the most popular songs in this country at the moment. Some websites will let you listen to them. If not, go to YouTube or your favorite streaming service.

I don’t use Spotify or similar services, but I’m pretty sure you can find playlists like Top 20 France.


Where to find lyrics and translations

I mostly go to Lyrics Translate to find translated lyrics. They have TONS of translations! And so many languages featured!

If I can’t find what I’m looking for, then I go to Musixmatch.

And if I’m very unlucky, I’ll try Google. Sometimes Google Play Music has translations, or you may find a link where someone translated your favorite lyrics.


Maybe you won’t find anything you like. But at least you have your foot in the door now. Keep looking, keep exploring. Try genres you don’t like in your mother tongue. You might get surprised when you hear them in a different language. Stay curious.


Method? Check.

Songs? Check.

Lyrics? Check.

Translation? Check.

Chocolate? Check. (Who knows when it may come in handy.)


Now go sing your way to fluency!

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