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How to finally master the guttural r (in French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, … )

  Disclaimer: This post is not for the fainthearted. The guttural r is this nasty greasy sound that seems so weird to foreigners. You find it in French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese, among others. The goal of this post is NOT to make you sound like a native speaker of your target language. The goal of this post is to…

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How I’m learning Brazilian Portuguese – a minute-by-minute chronicle of my first week

I’m learning my fifth language, and I decided to document every minute of it. In this post, I describe what I did every day to learn Brazilian Portuguese (← I’m going to say only “Brazilian” instead of “Brazilian Portuguese” from now on). Disclaimer: I’m French, and I also speak Spanish and Italian. So I expected Brazilian to be easy for…

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