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This page has nothing to do with language learning.

I’m keeping here all the editing mistakes I spotted in movies & shows.


This page is full of spoilers! Beware…



S01E01 – Where is Martha?!

You can see Bartosz, Martha & Jonas in the assembly even though Martha isn’t there yet.


S01E09 – When Claudia changes clothes in the dark…

When Claudia goes in the cave for the second time, she’s wearing a grey suit. But a few seconds later she’s wearing a red suit. Before wearing the grey suit again. This short cut (with the red suit) comes from episode 3, when she first saw the cave.


S01E10 – The third letter?!

You can see the letter on Jonas’ desk, even though he already burnt his, and hasn’t received his grandma’s.



S01E01 – The One where Phoebe is teleported


Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban

Dudley leans back & he’s afraid… or is he?!


Sirius Black is scared… or is he?!


When Hermione & Harry travel back in time, they’re not supposed to be seen by anyone. And yet, they run in front of the executioner, even though they already saw him in the previous timeline. You can’t see him well, except for his axe.


Where is the stag?!

In the first timeline, Harry’s patronus is a stag. In the second timeline, there’s no stag. If you look closely, we can almost see a stag’s head, but nothing like the bright stag of the first timeline.

First timeline:

Second timeline:


Harry Potter & the half-blood prince

In Harry Potter & the chamber of secrets, we can see Dentist on the Weasleys’ clock. Yet, in Harry Potter & the half-blood prince, people are intrigued when Hermione says her parents are dentists.

In Harry Potter 2:

In Harry Potter 6: