Dear reader,

I’m Akita Ropiquet, and welcome to my blog. Here I mostly talk about language learning and share my random thoughts.

I’m 26. I speak four languages, and I’m currently learning Finnish.

I studied mathematics in France and Madrid. Last year I was a PhD student, and I quit after one year. I wanted to be able to travel, learn new languages and live life on my own terms.

I see a lot of online influencers saying: “hi I’m … and my mission is to make you fit/learn a new language/eat broccolis/love giraffes/etc”. Personally I don’t know what my mission is.

I like to learn a new language with songs and YouTube in my target language. But there aren’t many lists of resources to help you getting immersed in the pop culture of a language. So I decided to share with you social media resources (mostly YouTube channels at the moment) in different languages. I guess my mission then is “I’m here to help you learn a new language while eating broccolis with YouTube.” And when I say “social media resources” I mean native content, content consumed by people whose mother tongue is your target language.

Back in 2015, I discovered Idahosa Ness and his Mimic Method. I had always wondered if we could learn languages only by ear, without any reading. And Idahosa showed me it was possible. I became fascinated by his method, and it was a complete game changer!

Unfortunately, I find it nearly impossible to do so on your own, without any help. And I haven’t found any free good audio method on the Internet. The only ones I’ve found so far have synthetic phrases, pronounced unnaturally, slowly and are (very) formal. So right now, I’m working to create such a method.

I’m also trying to adapt a pokemon game and turning it into a language learning game, where instead of collecting pokemons and using different attacks you’d have rap battles and use sentences/rhymes in your target language. But I’m no Zuckerberg. And coding isn’t exactly my passion. So this is going very slowly. If someone is interested/intrigued/purple and have some knowledge in C, C++ or Ruby, please contact me and we’ll make one hell of a game together.

Oh and I’m French by the way. That might explain why I’m kind of obsessed with food. So I might also talk about wine & cheese. But anyways, when you read my posts, imagine a French accent. It will make it more authentic!

So this is it. Thanks for reading this introduction, enjoy your stay and don’t step on the elves on your way out!


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