Dear reader,

I’m Akita Ropiquet, and welcome to my blog. I’m 27 (born in 1991…in case I forget to update this page). I studied mathematics in France and Madrid. I was a PhD student a few years ago, and I quit after just one year. I wanted to be able to travel, learn new languages and live life on my own terms.

I like to learn absorb a new language with songs and YouTube videos.

But there aren’t many lists of resources to help you getting immersed in the pop culture of a language. So I decided to share with you resources in different languages on YouTube. And when I say resources I mean native content, content consumed by people whose mother tongue is your target language.


Why languages?

For me, languages are a tool to communicate, to connect with other people, and to discover foreign cultures. You can have a lot of fun going abroad even if you don’t speak the language. But the experience is much more exciting and rewarding if you speak the local lingo (even just a little).

I also believe that if everyone were speaking his neighbor’s lingo, then the world would be a much better place.


Learning a language must be fun. You’re discovering a new culture, new people and new places. I can do it, you can do it, anyone can do it! Yes, it does take time, patience, and consistency. Sometimes even tears, blood, and mud (well..almost!). But there’s no need to use ineffective approaches. That’s why I created my own method.

For me, learning a language is like getting in shape. It’s like working out. You need to do it everyday, repeat the same movements over, and over, and over, and over again. And when you think you’re done, when you think you’ve finally mastered this tricky trilled r, when you think you’ve finally memorized the weird conjugation pattern of the French verb aller (=to go), well guess what? You’re not even close! You’ll need to see this pattern again, and again, and again. You’ll have to trill that tongue of yours a hundred times more, a thousand times more, a million times more. You don’t get a Brazilian butt by doing a 1-minute plank once a month…


About fluency

Fluency is a very broad term. I never aim at perfection. I have no interest in a perfect accent, perfect grammar and perfect sentences. I don’t even want to lose my French accent! My accent is my own signature.

For me, learning a language means being able to communicate in this language. I’m only interested in being able to understand what is being said to me and to say what’s on my mind.


Oh and I’m French by the way. That might explain why I’m obsessed with French pastries. Also, imagine a French accent when you read my posts. It will make it more authentic!


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