My 2nd week of Brazilian Portuguese – Cruising with travel YouTubers Damon and Jo

You can read the post about my first week where I talk about this project and where I give a lot of resources. You can also read this page where I describe my approach, and this other page with a list of language workouts.

For this new post, I’m just going to jump right into it.


Day 8 – 10/30/17

30 min – Damon and Jo with English subtitles.

8 min – Review of Dani Russo’s songs.

15 min – Review of “Rap lord”, and working on the rest of the song. This song is so challenging. I’m not trying to follow without lyrics anymore.


Day 9 – 10/31/17

Rest – I did nothing.


Day 10 – 11/01/17

25 min – Review of Dani Russo’s songs (x1 & x1.5 without lyrics) (8 min), “Saber quem sou” and “Livre estou” (x2 without lyrics) (2 min), “Rap lord” (with lyrics) (5 min) and “Boa esperança” (the whole song, with and without lyrics) (10 min).


Day 11 – 11/02/17

10 min – Review of “Boa esperança” x1 without lyrics. Then x1.25 & x1.5 with lyrics.

23 min – Damon and Jo with English subtitles, but I could understand most of it without reading the subtitles.


Day 12 – 11/03/17

15 min – Damon and Jo with English subtitles.


Day 13 – 11/04/17

32 min – Interval training with “A melhor do baile” (2 min), “Batendo palma” (5 min), “Solo seduzente” (4 min).

Speed x2 with “Saber quem sou” (3 min), “Livre estou” (2 min) (without lyrics).

Wine tasting with “Você quer brincar na neve” (4 min), “Uma vez na eternidade” (4 min), “Rap lord” (4 min).

Blind wine tasting with “Boa esperança” (4 min).



Você quer brincar na neveLyrics with English translation

Uma vez na eternidade – Lyrics (no translation found)



Day 14 – 11/05/17

40 min – Damon and Jo, with and without subtitles.


Just like week 1, I did freestyle everyday: I wrote a few lines, played with the vocabulary I knew, and came up with rhymes. It never takes me more than a couple of minutes per day.


Time spent

Day 8: 53 min

Day 9: 0 min

Day 10: 25 min

Day 11: 33 min

Day 12: 15 min

Day 13: 32 min

Day 14: 40 min

Total: 3h18 – so not even 30min/day


Overall I’m happy with this project. It never feels like a chore, and I’m really enjoying it. I could have put in more time, and it seems to be enough for now. My initial goal was to understand ~75% of Dani Russo’s videos. I didn’t check if I were there yet. So, we’ll have to see next week how I’m doing with that.


Thank you for reading. If you have any question about Brazilian, this project or my philosophy regarding language learning, leave your question in the comment section.

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